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I think the book is great. There were stitches shown that I never heard of. Any beadbook that can show a new or different technique is a GREAT book. A lot of questions about bead sizes, shapes, what thread or wire to use, and origin were answered.

Diane Sansalone

Dear Bead Enthusiast,

Here's something that will surprise you ...

The Complete Bead Guide is not like any
other book about beading you've ever read!


Simply put, every section in the book is there because "you asked for it." Well, not "you" really. But from real live questions. Questions from people who love beading and are as enthusiastic about beads as you are.

A simple webpage was set up and people who visited it were asked to leave me their biggest question about beads.

Then I answered them all!

This means that there's no "fluff" in the book. Just the real answers you want to know about beads.

You'll discover all types of exciting tips and information about beads. From their history and origin ... to what supplies you'll need for your projects. From how to source beads (easily and inexpensively) ... to the types of threads you should avoid!

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in "The Complete Bead Guide":

Which types of beads have protective or healing properties (do you suffer from toothaches? Find out which type of beads can be made into necklaces to make your teeth more durable!) 

Where to find bead sources near you no matter what country you live in (Chapter #3)

Where to see the best beading tradeshows in the country (this is where you pick up that extra “edge” for your projects)

How different beads are made and what processes are used to make them

How to quickly and easily identify various types of beads (everything from basic to fancy styles)

Want to know what length is a #5 bugle bead? Use the charts in the book to quickly help you choose which shapes and sizes you should use in all your beadwork projects

Tips for choosing the right types of string, thread and wire (includes a section on types of threads to avoid)

What types of devices to use for creating knots

Which needles are best for certain types of beadwork

Where to find lots of FREE bead patterns - complete with instructions!

Using beads in Knitting and Crocheting projects

Beading Stitches and Techniques

How to store and care for your beads

Includes a glossary of bead terms, reference lists and directories .. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!

And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out in "The Complete Bead Guide." Look at what else you'll get:

"... and what about answers to these questions?"

  • When silver beads are purchased, should every bead have a sterling silver impression?

  • What is the secret in making the crochet beaded rope necklaces?

  • Can you use different size beads from the one given in a pattern? e.g if it says size 11 can you substitute size 8 or vice versa?

  • I have never made anything with beads but I want to learn it very bad. What is the best and easiest way for a beginner to get started?

  • How can you make selling your jewelry easy?

  • Are there any machines to make different shape beads like rondelle beads?

  • What is it that makes beads which were produced decades ago so valuable if production of the beads has not stopped?

  • Where can I buy glass beads that look like animal, angel, and things like that?

  • How do I select color schemes that work well together in any beading project?

  • How can I tell the difference between a bead that peels and the one that does not?

  • What exactly are shell pearls? What are they composed? Are they man-made?

  • Which is the most valuable bead in the world? How much is it?

So, how would you like to know all the answers to these questions and more?

The book is such an excellent reference guide! The descriptions and definitions are well written and informative so that it is understandable for the beginner beader but also interesting for those who have been involved with beads for some time. For those of us who do not live in the US the list of suppliers is a particularly useful resource as beads and information can be difficult to find.

Valerie Hatton, Australia


Would you like to have all the answers you need to start your beading projects quickly right at your fingertips?

You can be reading "The Complete Bead Guide" in as little as 5 minutes from now. This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. Everything you have ever wanted to know about beads to help you get started quickly and confidently is only a click away ...

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The Complete Bead Guide is an electronic book (e-book). We do not ship any physical products.


So, what's a resource like this worth?

To research all the information contained in this book cost me around $800. I wanted accurate and practical information that you can use immediately so you get the most enjoyment from your beadwork.

I also wanted everything explained in PLAIN English so it's easy to read and understand. And I wanted it all logically laid out, so you can always be sure to have a handy reference guide whenever you need answers or want to know where to go next with your beading project.

I even hired a professional researcher to make sure that everything you need to know to help you get started quickly and confidently is accurate and covered in this book.

Lastly, I wanted to make the book affordable, simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low.

Order "The Complete Bead Guide" before midnight and get your copy at the low price of only $14.95 (Plus great bonuses valued at over $109).

I can't express enough what a bargain this is! So much NEW information for us New Beaders. Thank you for saving me all the hassel of trying to figure this on my own.

I would pay three times the amount for this information.

Thank you so much,

Kalei, Hawaii

I've priced it at a fraction of what the book's really worth and what it cost me to research it. I figure that at this price, I'll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information (it answers all your questions about beads) to more people and make my investment back over time.

No matter what, however, it's still a bargain for you.  In fact, some people who have already purchased and read "The Complete Bead Guide" told me they would have gladly paid around $40 for the information contained in the book. That's why I plan to raise the price of the book as soon as I recover my initial investment

So, if you want to be quick and save some dollars, get your copy of "The Complete Bead Guide" now. Order immediately and you can be reading the book in the next 5 minutes.

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Here's What Other Beading Enthusiasts Have To Say
About "The Complete Bead Guide"

Below are real testimonials of people who have already downloaded and read "The Complete Bead Guide"...

This e-book..."The Complete Bead Guide" is the best I have seen yet. I am very new to beading and it has helped me better than any online books, tutorials or any books I have ever seen in any store. All the easy explanations and links are so very helpful. Much easier than any I have ever seen. Thanks so much for a great e-book.

Jenny, USA


Thank you very much for the e-book. I am a relatively new beader and I am already becoming addicted to beading. Your book made order in some of the beads related topics I was struggling with. So many thanks and good luck with the book.

Isabelle, UK


I just read your new ebook. I think it is great, a lot of good information for people new to beading and even for people already "Hooked" on beading. The ebook is set up very nice very easy to follow!

Great Job!!

Peggy Morrone


Thank you for the information about the history of beads, I read your book from front to back and enjoyed every page. You answered many questions about needle size for the beads I am working with.

I have been interested in trying a loom, you have given me useful tips on purchasing the right loom to suit my needs.

Thanks for the hard work you put forth to make this book possible.



I was so thrilled this morning when I arrived at work to find your very interesting-looking E-book! I just can't wait to get home and have a good read of it. We in South Africa have a shortage of reading material on beading. Of course there are a few beading magazines and books here in hard copy, but they're prohibitively expensive, so this is a real bonus.

Janelle Michie, South Africa


I just downloaded and saved your ebook. It is great! I have read it and found the answers to my questions. I'm a very beginner at beading. I never did any as a child so it is all new. I now know the difference in beads and the threads to use with them. I have only been guessing up until now.

The information on how the beads were made was very interesting. I had no idea at all on how they are made. Great Book. I love it!

Fran Otway, Penticton, BC, Canada


I have had read and enjoyed your ebook on beading and found it to be really helpful! I am only a beginner and decided that I wanted to make and perhaps one day sell my own jewellery.

Unfortunately, I couldn't even buy some of the beads I wanted as I didn't know the names of some of them!! So, let me say thanks so much for the valuable advice and help in your book and wish you great success with any future issues!

Thanks again
Renee Smart, Australia

P.S. I have now ordered over $100 in assorted beads and have received all of the ones I wanted!!!


I have read the book and I found it very useful especially that you gave all webs. As I leave far away from the U.S.A. I find it is very important. I also enjoyed the history chapter. Thank you. I enjoyed all the book.

Best regards,

Gila Peleg, Israel


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If you're not happy with "The Complete Bead Guide" for any reason whatsoever, you get your money back in full.


In fact, there's nothing I can do to prevent you from getting a refund, because the merchant company I use to process your order (Clickbank) will automatically refund your money if you email them requesting a refund in the next 90 days. 


So, the risk is all on me, because ...


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You really can't lose! The book (and $109 worth of bonuses ) are yours no matter what!

That's as risk-free as it gets, wouldn't you agree? All your money back plus you get to keep the book.

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FREE BONUS #1 - Advanced Beading Techniques

Learn these advanced beading techniques in this easy-to-read bonus report (valued at  $14.95):

  • Beadpoint

  • Bead Embroidery

  • Applique Bead Work

  • Seed Bead Needle Weaving

  • Bead Art

Each of the above techniques contains a list of all the materials needed to complete a project, simple "step-by-step" instructions that you can easily follow, plus valuable tips that will help you master these advanced beading techniques in no time at all.


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Special Bonus Report - Advanced Beading Techniques

Plus ...

FREE BONUS #2 - Easy Beading Graphs

In this bonus report (valued at $9.95) you'll get 18 graphs to help you create the following bead projects:

  • 2 Drop 1 Drop Brick Graph
  • 2 Drop 1 Drop Peyote Graph
  • 2 Drop Brick Stitch Graph
  • 2 Drop Peyote Graph
  • 3 Bead Flat Netting Graph
  • 3 Bead Right Angle Weave Graph
  • 3 Drop Peyote Graph
  • 40 x 50 Brick Stitch Graph
  • Embellished Right Angle Weave Graph
  • Fringed Brick Graph
  • Herringbone Graph Paper (Bugles)
  • Herringbone Graph
  • Herringbone Graph (Small Beads)
  • Ladder's Graph
  • Peyote Graph (Small Beads)
  • Right Angle Weave Graph
  • Square/Loom Graph
  • Triangle Weave with Bicone Graph

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Wishing you hours of beading ecstasy,

Lisa Curiel

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The Complete Bead Guide is an electronic book (e-book). We do not ship any physical products.

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